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To NGO Computer Literacy Shelter Welfare Rawalpindi(NCLSW)Pakistan

NCLSW is to promote women empowerment and organize and develop communities through:
Creating self-esteem and raising awareness to help and support themselves and defend their rights.
Workings at gross root level and organizing the communities for the literacy/education.
Formation of CBOs to take part in their own development.
Gender and women development and skill building through tailoring, sewing, kitchen gardening advanced techniques, candle making and literacy enhancement through computer training
Non-formal education 


Literate Pakistan Program

A Joint project of NGO Computer Literacy Shelter welfare Rawalpindi & • Better Education For All (BEFA) Foundation Pakistan.
• The Literate Pakistan Programme Educational Group for Women Children and Youth Government Department intellectuals ,Civil society all Type of ,Organizations .
is the Befa & NCLSW-mandated official, formal and self-organized space for formal and nonfromal to contribute to and engage society regarding enhancement of Literacy and education in Pakistan. 


Better Education for All (BEFA) Foundation Pakistan®

strives for a Pakistan where Women Children and Youth Government Department intellectuals ,Civil society all Type of ,Organizations in all their diversity have a seat at the decision making table, and are equal partners in the design, implementation, monitoring and follow-up and review of all policies at all levels.
It seeks to build a political landscape based on the collective principles of solidarity, justice, equity, inclusion, human rights,


Social Mobilization and Community Organization

Community engagement focuses on collective or group participation, not on any particular behaviour. It empowers communities and their social networks to reflect on and address a range of behaviours, issues and decisions that affect their lives and to proactively involved in their development. Community participation is a strategy that raises awareness and strengthens the capacity of both “rights holders” and “duty bearers” to assess, analyze, plan, facilitate, implement and monitor and evaluate interventions that will promote the survival, development, protection and participation of children and women.


Gender development, women empowerment and skill building

Training for gender equality and women’s empowerment is an essential component for UN Women’s commitment to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Training for gender equality is a transformative process that aims to provide knowledge, techniques and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes and behaviours. It is a continuous and long-term process that requires political will and commitment of all parties in order to create inclusive societies that recognize the need to promote gender equality.


Education Awareness and non-formal education

The initiative of Non-formal Basic Education – NFBE has due importance particularly in the current scenario of poor literacy rate and alarming number of children dropout and left out of schools in the provinces of Pakistan.


Health Care Promotion and Re-productive Health

The underlying factors of poverty, migration, marginalization, lack of information and skills, disempowerment, and poor access to services which affect HIV/STD risk are also closely related to those which affect sexual and reproductive health. 

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Head Office

Head Office
Syeda Zainab s.a Education Complex
St -7 Chak Jal Deen , Ali Twon, Rawalpindi Pakistan
Post Code: 46000 

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